Burlington, VT

Foam Brewers

Founded in 2015, Foam Brewers is an eclectic group of industry professionals with a shared appreciation for brewing, science, art, music, and culture dedicated to creating craft beer in Burlington, Vermont. I've worked with the team since the beginning on a range of projects, from the development of their brand identity, print and digital collateral, packaging design, art direction/ production, as well as the design and development of their website.

Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Web Design
Webflow Development

Artist Collaboration Series Labels

When the  team at Foam moved into canning their beer, we knew that we wanted to create a unique label that would act as a vehicle for the brewery to showcase a diverse range of artwork and beverages. Through the development of the label, we established the series to support a wide range of talented individuals across a diverse mix of style and mediums. My role covered creating the original template and direction that would define the series, art direction, collaboration merchandise and production of final files for print. Over the last six years, the artist series has worked with over 50 artists and continues to be a pillar of the Foam Brewers identity.

Web Design & Development

As the brand continues to grow, so does the need for a website to present the brand at a level of quality that matches their premium product. The Foam Brewers site showcases their brand, location, events and upcoming releases, providing their customers with a simple yet refined experience. Working with the team, I designed and developed there site on Webflow to collect and organize their information into an easy to manage CMS system that gives us the ability to make changes on the fly and align with the companies goals as they expand.